SULÉY Group: Industry 4.0 Company

Suléy Group is an Industry 4.0 company, which creates not a single product or service within a particular industry but a XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real-life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams.

SULÉY Group is a developer of Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment, or I.S.E.E., which comprises deeply integrated social, media, business, music, art, and culture platforms.

I.S.E.E. is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything that is happening around: events, opportunities, new impressions, and experiences.

I.S.E.E. main components are: media portal Suléy Era, marketplaces such as and, Club Suléy - exclusive social network, and educational portal Suléy University.

Suléy Group Mission & Philosophy

1. Communication - connecting and uniting people instead of dividing. We believe that the common issues for all humans and are crucial for the survival of our civilization should prevail over outdated traditions, which resist progress and contradict reality.

2. Information & Education
- help people develop critical thinking, become open-minded, help them navigate consciously through the overflow of information around us, empower people with knowledge, and encourage them to learn more about life in all its expressions and phenomena.

3. Business & Personal Growth
- we are building an innovative business & social infrastructure with such features and conditions that would provide entrepreneurs and individuals a natural environment with opportunities for growth and sustainability. Infrastructure in which branding, marketing, and advertising processes are flowing in line with consumer needs, desires, and interests versus aggressive marketing practices of funneling, indoctrination, and forceful imposition, which many businesses are promoting today.

4. Creativity & Innovations
- we promote and support all types of artistic expression and innovative ideas. The influence of arts and science on our lives is tremendous. One of our most important missions and goals is to support and cherish uniquely gifted artists and talented explorers and innovators. We believe that crave for scientific and technological innovations has a similar nature to the need for artistic expressions. Altogether, arts and science are driving forces of human evolution and progress.

5. Lifestyle & Culture
- promoting Quality of Life is one of our most important missions because, without it, no business or other human activity makes sense and value. It also adds a powerful incentive for people to strive for success and personal growth. On the contrary, those who do not value human life as the highest domain, they lead humanity to destruction and extinction.

Our mission and goals are to build, develop, and perfect an adaptive social, media, and business environment in ever-changing, fast-paced modern world and to share our knowledge, philosophy, and experiences based on fundamental scientific research of human behavior and social interactions, critical analysis of philosophical views, and deep understanding of what is conscious and what is life.

It is about providing people with the tools to create an environment where they can exchange information, grow personally and professionally and achieve their goals.

There are five ways that Suléy Group covers to ensure the 360-degree approach to people’s lives, development, and well-being, and they are:

  1. Communicationn
  2. Information & Education
  3. Business & Personal Growth
  4. Creativity & Innovations
  5. Lifestyle & Culture

Suléy Group Innovation & Technology Foundation and Future R&D

Building a 21st Century socio-economic environment would be impossible without innovative solutions and intensive research and development.

Suléy Group key areas of development:
  • Security and Code Integrity.  
  • User Authentication: Private & Secure.  
  • Personal & Sensitive Data Protection.
  • Content Authentication & Copyright Protection.
  • Managed AI & Machine Learning.
  • VR & AR Media Applications & Content.
  • Blockchain & Distributed Source Coding.
  • Cryptocurrency & NFT's for Industry 4.0.



All I.S.E.E. platforms, components, and products can be easily adapted and localized for virtually any geographical, political, and cultural region, country, and locality.

Built on innovative economic, social, and technological principles, I.S.E.E. is equally suitable for developed and emerging economies. It will provide an unprecedented opportunity even for struggling and devastating countries and regions, helping them overcome the most critical problems and issues.  

I.S.E.E. is a bridge to close the gap for many platforms and businesses, and it merges all types of communication and brings value to consumers. It helps businesses grow and connect with their potential customers via social networking, creative content, and arts through music, film, and video.  

I.S.E.E. solutions will change the paradigms and perspectives on how businesses and communities operate and survive. It will help people worldwide adapt to a new reality with a solid foundation for continuous and stable growth.

Executive Team

Eugene Levkovsky
Eugene Levkovsky
CEO. Business strategist..

Serial entrepreneur with experience in management, media, printing, web design, video production, music & show business. Visionary.
Julia Suleymanova Ryan
Julia Suleymanova Ryan
Chair. CMO. Brand strategist.

D. Ed. in Organizational Leadership Candidate. Professor. Marketing & Consumer Behavior Researcher. Media personality.
Anna Truss
Anna Truss
CTO. Cyber Security.

MS in Cyber Security. Digital Forensic & Security Engineer. Subject Matter Expert. Data Recovery. Information Security.

Board of Advisors

Jonn Mason
Jonn T. Mason
Financial & Business Planning.

Jonn is the President and Founder of Thornewood Advisors USA LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. He has consulted on and managed a combined dollar amount of nearly two billion dollars. His primary focus is on problem-solving for businesses and self-employed professionals, emphasizing tax reduction, business succession planning, asset management, estate planning, and insurance.
Archis Gore
Archis Gore
Cyber Security & Technology.

Archis is the CTO for Polyverse Corporation, a cyber security company pioneering Moving Target Defense to once and for all solve cybersecurity problems. He runs the R&D team working on the company’s upcoming products and solutions. Before Polyverse, Archis worked at Amazon and Microsoft on Live Mesh, Windows Mobile and other online services.
Igor Kisil
Igor Kisil
Music Rights & Distribution.

Igor is a founder and CEO of Sweet Rains Productions - an internationally renowned music production and publishing company with numerous Top 10 Billboard hits, and US radio charted songs. He has over 25 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, and he is an expert in music royalties, publishing, and distribution.

Discover I.S.E.E.

Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment (I.S.E.E.) is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything around: events, opportunities, new impressions and experiences.

I.S.E.E. is the XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real-life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams.