Written by Yuliya Suleymanova, Gene Aaron

For over 2000 years all sorts of oracles, seers, prophets, and prognosticators had been foreseeing the upcoming End of Time, the Doomsday, the Apocalypse, the Armageddon. Each described many different scenarios but all are horrific and bloody. Some prophesy the coming of a messiah and some birth of the Antichrist, while others warn about nuclear war or a catastrophic climatic event.  Others however, mostly writers of sci-fi fiction and movie scripts, did warn us about how future intelligent machines, cyborgs, or even a digital matrix would overpower humans and destroy modern civilization as we know it. And now it happened! The prediction of Matrix Armageddon came true and is real! 

It came in the form of Big Data and new technologies and services, such as Social Media, Mobile Apps and Online Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cloud Services, Super-computing, Virtual Assistants, and of course Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a core behind of it all.  Artificial Intelligence is not a new thing, but do we really understand it, and how it is being used? Do you realize how deep AI is woven into our daily lives? But first, let’s define the meaning and essence of AI. 

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