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BizTalk 2020. Episode 1. Intro To New Series

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SULÉY BizTalk 2020 Series: Issues. Changes. Solutions.

Episode 1. Intro To New Series 

Presented by Yuliya Suleymanova,
Ed.D. Candidate & Researcher, SULÉY Group Co-Founder.

Watch Episode 2: Deeper View.
Watch Episode 3. Trailer:
Watch Episode 3. Industry 4.0.

Yuliya Suleymanova

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Yuliya Suleymanova

Yuliya Suleymanova is a Doctor of Education in Leadership Candidate and Researcher. She is an accomplished college professor with 18 years of instructional experience, teaching Psychology at the Kamchatka State Teachers’ University in Russia, at the School of Fashion Marketing & Design at the Art Institute of Seattle for 12 years, and now at the Year Up program at the Seattle Central College where she leads Business Technology Management Classes.


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