Doctor of Ed. in Organizational Leadership Candidate & Researcher, SULÉY Group Co-Founder
Igniting Engagement:
  • End-to-end campaigns
  • ROI-driven strategies
  • Progressive leadership

Deep Experience: 18+ years of experience combining business acumen and social purpose.

Brand Builder: combined creative direction with organizational rigor for earned income and brand evangelism.

Bottom-Line Impact: boosted engagement and customer base for consumer-centric and business brands.

Speech Topics

Biz & Brand Talks • Seminars • Workshops

Through her Talks, Seminars, and Workshops, Yuliya Suleymanova will empower you with knowledge and a deeper understanding of brand and change management. This objective is achieved by analyzing the key concepts of branding:

  • BRANDING: Development of Brand and Brand Architecture.
  • LEADERSHIP: Teams & Key Players Transformational Trainings.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: Enterprise Level Strategic Plans & Road Maps


Biz & Brand Talks are a series of presentations with a combination of real-life case studies, accompanied by the interaction with the audience through the Questions and Answers method.


Seminars entail a series of presentations based on theoretical knowledge of concepts on branding and neuroscience behind consumer decision processes.


Workshops are hands-on experiences of the brand visualization, which is achieved through a demonstration and practice of the key elements of branding in photography, cinematography, graphic design, modeling, acting, event management, and production.


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Yuliya Suleymanova is a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Candidate and Researcher. She is an accomplished college professor with 18 years of instructional experience, teaching at the School of Fashion Marketing & Design at the Art Institute of Seattle and Phycology at the Kamchatka State Teachers’ University in Russia.

As a skilled, enthusiastic professional with superior knowledge and experience of more than 12 years, Yuliya has worked with businesses as a multi-disciplinary and cross-industry leader, change management and marketing consultant, brand development specialist, and creative director. Yuliya’s global mindset led her to co-found SULÉY Group Inc., an innovative Seattle-based startup developing a revolutionary Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment or I.S.E.E.

For the last seven years, Yuliya has been conducting deep scientific research and studying consumer buying behavior in branding, marketing, and media. Progressive studies of neurology have made it possible to apply a vast knowledge base of the consumer decision-making process with neurological impulses that trigger and affect us to fall in love with a brand.

Yuliya publishes her research findings on the SULÉY University YouTube channel, a business & social studies research platform. Yuliya’s invigorating commitment is to help professionals and brands to strive and achieve the success they deserve in life and business.

Being a trusted business and community leader and motivator, Yuliya contributed to many cultural and charity events, programs, and organizations such as Ravishing Women, Miss Africa Washington State Pageant, Seattle Fashion Week, and others. She was a Co-Chair For Olive Crest Annual Fundraiser, a Marketing Chair of Fashion Group International Seattle, a board member at Performing Arts Center Eastside (PACE), and a former Tateuchi Center Arts, and a Fashion Committee Chair at YWCA.





Suléy BizLab

SULÉY BizLab offers public speaking events on various business-related topics, seminars. webinars, Brand Talks live events, and BizTalks video blog programs.

SULÉY BizTalk 2020 Series: Issues. Changes. Solutions.

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Episode 2. Deeper view.

Episode 3. Industry 4.0.

Public Speaking

SULÉY BRAND TALK Series #1 "Assembling Charisma thru Art and Magic"

SULÉY BRAND TALK Series #2 "Art Infusion"

Discover I.S.E.E.

Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment (I.S.E.E.) is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything around: events, opportunities, new impressions, and experiences.

I.S.E.E. is the XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real-life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams.