Innovative Environment For Everyday Experiences

Every day we can have different experiences. We experience a hot cup of coffee in the morning, then we work, learn or do business; we experience food during the day, then entertainment in the evening.

We experience new places, nature and cultures when travel. We experience music and arts and we experience learning and trying new things.

I.S.E.E. ecosystem will allow users to enjoy the same experiences they have in their real everyday life. There will be one simple account from which you can access BeyonMe and Club Suléy social media platforms, experience shopping on Onocart or Shop Suléy marketplaces.

Read the news on Suléy Era, watch Suléy TV, and listen to the songs you love and connect with your favorite bands and artists on Suléy Music. 


Unified Login & User Account

I.S.E.E. Experience will have a unified single user account protecting your privacy and identity and designed to avoid the creation of fake accounts, bots, and even duplicate accounts.

At the same time, you will be able to create multiple profiles, professional, business, creative, and other types of pages that reflect your true talents and help you to present all different facets of your personality to the world.

I.S.E.E. Desktop Dashboard

The I.S.E.E. Experience desktop app will provide access to all I.S.E.E. platforms and the account tools, settings, and analytics from the single dashboard screen.

You can customize which tools, apps, and platforms you intend to use, and you can also control your experience within each platform separately.

I.S.E.E. Mobile LaunchPad

I.S.E.E. Experience mobile app will feature the same powers as its desktop companion with an easy-to-use launch pad to access apps for each specific platform.

It will help you plan and organize your day, listen to music, watch videos, shop and track your purchases, control your spending, and connect you with friends and family.

For business owners: you will be able to control your sales, promote and build your brand, connect with your clients and business partners, and build your professional network

For creators and artists: there will be specialized tools for growing your fan base, manage events, your royalty income, and run physical media and merchandise sales.