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Components of the Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment

Components of the Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment Copyright © 2019 SULÉY Group

Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment (I.S.E.E.) is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything that is happening around: events, opportunities, new impressions and experiences. 

I.S.E.E. is the XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams.


 I.S.E.E. Sites:

Suléy Era  |  Shop Suléy  |  Club Suléy  |  BeYon'Me   |   Onocart  |  Suléy University



Media environments has become essential for reflecting and influence human culture, especially with latest developments in social media.
Medial is also a powerful tool for promoting and support of arts and crafts, music, film, theater, social life, and other creative activities.

Suléy Era platform is an integral component of I.S.E.E., which combines almost all types of professional media, such as periodic publications, TV channels, and radio podcasts with talent management, music portal, and other engagements in cultural life.

Suléy Era is a global resource positioned as a leader in today's business and creative landscape, expressing opinions of like-minded people in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership. 

Suléy Era departments:
MEDIA: Suléy Era Magazine, Suléy TV, Radio Suléy (coming soon)
CULTURE: Suléy Music, Talent Management, Event Management

Suléy Era website


BeYon'Me (coming soon) - is a new type of Social Media Platform, where PEOPLE and their personal life, conversations, and thoughts are not a product, but a COMMUNITY of INDIVIDUALS who are treated with respect and dignity. BeYon'Me is not just a connection and communication tool, it is an ENVIRONMENT, where everyone can express themselves in a safe manner without hate, bullying, negativity, and anger. 

BeYon'Me will combine all the best features of modern social media, while protecting its user's privacy and providing unprecedented and comprehensive tools to organize the News Feed, Personality Profiles, and help them to connect with local Communities around the globe.

Join BeYon'Me (coming soon)


CLUB SULÉY (coming soon) is exclusive elité community network, which unites like-minded people and provides them a social communication portal specialized in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership.

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Your neighborhood online marketplace offering products & services from local stores and shops. Look for Coupons and Deals for extra savings.

SHOPSULEY (Coming Soon)

A marketplace for sophisticated VIP's who appreciate Luxury Goods & Services from branded Boutiques & Salons and unique creations by artistic craftsmen. 


SULÉY UNIVERSITY is a global online educational portal that teaches you the art and science of branding to help you better understand and manage one of your most important assets - YOUR BRAND.