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About SULÉY Group

SULÉY Group is a developer of Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment, or I.S.E.E., which comprises of deeply integrated social, media, business, music, art, and culture platforms.

Interconnected Socio-Economic Environment (I.S.E.E.) is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything that is happening around: events, opportunities, new impressions and experiences

I.S.E.E. is the XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams. 

I.S.E.E. main components are: media portal Suléy Era, marketplaces such as and, Club Suléy - exclusive social network, and educational portal Suléy University. 


 I.S.E.E. Sites:

Suléy Era  |  Shop Suléy  |  Club Suléy  |  BeYon'Me |  Onocart  |  Suléy University



 Executive Team



Eugene Levkovsky
CEO. Business strategist. Visionary.

Serial entrepreneur with experience in business development, management, media, printing, web design, music & show business.



Julia Suleymanova Ryan
Chair. CMO. Brand strategist. Researcher.

PhD Candidate in Business Leadership. Professor. Marketing & Consumer Behavior Researcher. Media personality. 



Anna Truss
CTO. Cyber Security. Web Developer.

MS in Cyber Security. Digital Forensic & Security Engineer. Subject Matter Expert. Data Recovery. Information Security.



Olga Szwed
COO. Vendor Relations. Networker.

BA in Fashion Design. Entrepreneur, clothing designer, merchandise specialist & stylist. Media personality.



 Board of Advisors



Jonn T. Mason
Financial & Business Planning.

Jonn is a President and Founder of Thornewood Advisors USA LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. He has consulted on and managed a combined dollar amount of nearly two billion dollars. His primary focus is on problem-solving for businesses and self-employed professionals with emphasis on tax reduction, business succession planning, asset management, estate planning, insurance.



Archis Gore
Cyber Security & Technology.

Archis is the CTO for Polyverse Corporation, a cyber security company pioneering Moving Target Defense to once and for all solve cybersecurity problems. He runs the R&D team working on the company’s upcoming products and solutions. Before Polyverse, Archis worked at Amazon and Microsoft on Live Mesh, Windows Mobile and other online services.




Igor Kisil
Music Rights & Distribution.

Igor is a founder and CEO of Sweet Rains Productions - an internationally renowned music production and publishing company with numerous Top 10 Billboard hits and US radio charted songs. He has over 25 years of professional experience in entertainment industry and he is an expert in music royalties, publishing, and distribution.